Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Readers,

I apologize for being MIA for the past few months. While I was gone, school had started and it's a heavy load this semester. I am in an accelerated program, as well as taking 18 units. It always takes me a few weeks steady my ground a bit. Not to mention that I went to New York last week to visit my beau and that threw me off a bit, school-wise.

All that said, I plan on posting regularly again, and look forward to being back! I miss the creativity that I am able to exercise when using this blog.

Look for a post in the next few days.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat Wave

I took these photos in the bright sunlight so I had to edit them a bit so they weren't so bright...!

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Skirt: Forever 21
Flats: Sam Edelman (via Saks OFF 5th)
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Vintage post style (thrifted and real mother of pearl)

I'm technically not supposed to wear a skirt with side pockets like this with my body type, but I don't really care. I tossed that rule out years ago. I bought these flats at the outlets a month ago. They were on major clearance and I have to say, they will be a great investment for the next few months. Animal prints are in for Fall. I have to say, while I love animal print and have an animal print top and skirt, I just don't think I have the bravery to do an animal print dress, unless it was like multicolored or something. Yes I can't wear animal print unless it's purple and pink. That doesn't even make sense.

Tomorrow is a pool day so don't expect an outfit. Why can't Fall just be here? Please?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Disneyland outfit

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet
Flats: Target
Hat: Target
Jacket: J.Crew (thrifted)
Belt: H&M
Bag: H&M

I look so tired in the third picture. Uhg. I woke up early because we went to Disneyland today. I definitely wore my white wide brimmed hat to protect myself from the sun and I wore the jacket only on the drive down. It was blistering in Anaheim and the weather did not warrant a jacket no matter how cute it was. I decided to use a split-complementary color scheme (red and lime-green) as described here. I love how it looked and I definitely plan on basing more outfits on color theory.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You're the sky that I fell through

Top: Forever 21 (worn backwards)
Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet
Sandals: Banana Republic Outlet
Bag: H&M (shown here)
Belt: Fossil Outlet
Necklace: J.Crew (gifted)
Watch: Timex (thrifted)

Today I didn't work until the late afternoon which meant I could dress how I pleased without having to worry about getting apple juice on my top or accidentally rubbing my pants on a tire as I load the kids into the car. Looking at this outfit as compared to my last, I see they are rather similar... but I guess I don't care. I'm wearing my old lady white sandals again and I just love them. I received a lot of compliments on this outfit today, however I couldn't decide if I looked too trendy or just classic with the high waisted shorts. The necklace is gorgeous and a Xmas gift from my mom. I once had an old lady in doctors office tell me to treasure this necklace for the rest of my life. The top is from Forever 21 and I wore it backwards. I felt like the embellishment on the shoulders looked better on the back, especially with the necklace. Oh, and the watch, which I didn't take a closeup of, I bought at Salvation Army. It actually doesn't work but I don't mind. I really love the look of it and figure no one actually can tell it doesn't work.

Aside from that, the weather is really annoying me. Yes, it's nice that it's finally warm here, but now all the fall collections are coming out and all I can think about is tweed, leather, boots and wooly tights. The end of summer is when I finally am pulling out all my skirts and shorts but it feels too late. Fall semester is starting for me on Saturday and I want to wear boots and coats to class. I have a feeling that we'll be having summer in October this year. Ugh.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

But your soul, you must keep totally free.

Romper: Splendid (gifted)
Sandals: Banana Republic Outlet
Bag: H&M
Necklace: Vintage from Dustinthewindz@etsy.

Yesterday we went swimming again, so I didn't wear anything fun except for my bathing suit.

This romper was a gift from my boyfriend's sister. She was doing some shopping on Splendid the other day and I was helping her pick items. When she saw this romper she said it looked like me and added my size to the cart. She is so sweet and generous to me. I love how soft it is and that it could be worn with a skirt to get more use out of it. Today it was so hot and this came in the mail just yesterday and was perfect for the weather today. It's the first heat wave here since the start of summer. I got the bag at H&M when I was in New York City earlier this month and I got the sandals during a major sale at the outlets. I think they ended up being $12 or something. Well worth it, but my mom says old ladies wear white sandals. Apparently my Aunt refuses to wear them since my mom said that.

Lastly, this necklace is an amazing find from Etsy vintage shopping. I'm crazy for it. So unique and gorgeous. It's a wonderful sort of understated statement necklace. I don't know if that makes sense.

Thank you to my new followers! I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you in the future. Xoxo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blair Style

Leighton Meester on the set of Gossip Girl.

I love Blair Waldorf. If I could live in her closet, I would. The headbands, the prints, the color, the heels. Perfect.

Clearly this outfit is for a summer or spring episode. It's so cheerful and feels like something you would wear on a day when the flowers are just beginning to bloom and the crisp air has turned to warm breezes. I love how there is so much yellow, but it doesn't feel matchy matchy. Like I said, perfect.

Babar Backpack

I'm sorry I haven't updated since Sunday. Yesterday I had a grueling dental appointment. Sitting in the chair for 2 hours while having to keep your mouth wide open is not my idea of fun. As a result, I wore a boring pair of jeans and a shirt. I just wanted to stay as comfortable as possible while I was being tortured. As for today, I had an outfit planned, however as I was getting dressed, my boyfriend's sister (A) called and said she wanted to take the kids to the pool. We hopped in our bathing suits and went down to the local college pool. It was so much fun that I didn't mind my boring gym shorts and tank top.

After pool we grabbed In and Out with A's father and uncle-in-laws. What a blast. The above picture is from this afternoon and is of my boyfriend's nephew walking with one of his uncles. I figure his stylish outfit and accessories are a wonderful replacement to my own.

The weather was perfect today, and here in Los Angeles we are finally starting to enjoy a bit of summer. I just hope this doesn't turn into a blistering hot October as it has in the past. I really can't wait to start wearing Fall clothes.

Thank you to my new followers! I hope you enjoy my blog and I will post an outfit tomorrow (hopefully!).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Blog

So this is my new fashion blog. I've been following fashion blogs for a while, and I feel like posting my outfits will give me a reason to be more creative with how I dress.

Close up of the earrings and ring:

Dress: Roni (boutique in NYC)
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: BC
Earrings: Forever 21
Ring: Forever 21

I got the sandals from during the 40% cash back and they were on sale. They were something like $18. I love them and have received so many compliments on them. Plus, they have a zipper back which I just love. The dress is from one of my favorite places in NYC. You have to go if you are in town. If you go to the Prince St location, ask for Alex. He is amazingly sweet and a wonderful associate. I just love him.